The Implementation of Energy Efficient Buildings Policies: an International Comparison Download the final report

From 2009 to 2012, I was the coordinator, mandated by the CSTB, of the CIB Task Group No. 66 “Energy and the Built Environment”. Download the final report “The Implementation of Energy Efficiency Buildings Policies: An International Comparison,” published in September 2013. This report is a synthesis of five events.

A kick off international seminar (see presentations and listen to registered conferences) was held in Brussels on 2009 October 14. It was dedicated to the European policy (four presentations), the action of international organizations (UNEP-SBCI, IEA, WBCSD) and the policies of four countries: Brazil, China, South Africa, USA.

A first Internet session (download presentations and listen to registered conferences) was dedicated to Europe in February 2010. 6 presenters made presentations dealing with the experience of 5 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland).

A second Internet session concerned North America in October 2010. Organized by Barbara Lippiatt (NIST, Washington DC), in partnership with Darren B. Meyers (ICC, Chicago), the session mobilized 5 speakers from Canada, Mexico and the USA.

A third Internet session dedicated to South America was organized by Roberto Lamberts (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil) in November 2010. 5 speakers made presentations from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela.

A fourth Internet session was dedicated to to India in June 2012 with two presentations.

In a different approach, a meeting was held in Manchester in May 2010, during CIB World Congress, where 19 technical and socio-economic research papers dealing with Energy and the Built Environment were presented (see research papers)