UNEP Finance Initiative. Sustainable Real Estate Investment. Implementing the Paris Climate Agreement: An Action Framework.  February 2016.

The UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative published in partnership with five international associations, a framework for action to implement the Paris agreement of the COP 21. It is intended for owners of real estate assets, investors in these assets and the related stocks and bonds.

Novethic. Responsible Property Investment 2014 Figures for France. 2015.

The survey covers 32 unlisted investment funds managing € 90 billion of assets. The majority of the panel remains focused on the issue of energy. Only a minority considers systematically ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) policies criteria, The margins of progress are important.

UNEP Finance Initiative, RICS, PRI, IIGCC. Sustainability Metrics. Translation and impact on property investement and management. May 2014.

Approved by four international institutions, the report shows how to change the practices of property investors to take into account sustainable development: at corporate level (11 recommendations), at portfolio level (6 recommendations), at the building level (7 recommendations). See pages 91 and following.

Report from the European Commission to the European Parliament and the Council. Financial support for energy efficiency in buildings. 2013.

What could be done to stimulate more and more effective investments? According to the authors, the answers are: strengthening the regulatory framework, improving access to financing, addressing market failures, strengthening the energy services market.

ADEME, World Energy Council, EEEC, Financing energy efficiency in buildings: an international review of best practice and innovation, 2013.

Eight very different cases studies in China, Japan, India, USA, Kenya, Germany, Estonia and New Zealand were analysed. Suggested recommendations concerned four types of barriers: Finance, Institutions and Stakeholders, Measures and Buildings, and Consumers and End-Users.

Aglietta M Hourcade JC. Can Indebted Europe Afford Climate Policy? Can It Bail Out Its DebtWithout Climate Policy? Intereconomics. 2012. 

The authors linked the release of the European debt crisis and green growth. There is a link between carbon price, reform of funding system and crisis exit. In this context, they said Europe should play an important role in international environmental negotiations.

 Bullier A., Lefevre C. Schiltigheim France Energy performance contract for 64 social dwellings. FRESH. 2011.

The French case of the European FRESH Projet (see below) is detailed in this report. Energy performance contract is a new way to finance social housing refurbishment.


Bullier A., Milin C. Energy retrofitting of social housing through energy performance contracts. FRESH. 2011.

This report is a feedback of the European FRESH (Financing Energy Refurbishment for Social Housing) Project implemented in Bulgaria, France, Italy and the UK. Energy Performance Contracts are an innovative way to finance social housing refurbishment.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Implementing Responsable Property Investment Strategies. February 2011.

Fourth toolkit on Responsible Property Investment (RPI). Integrating RPI into the investment process and building capacities for strategic implementation of RPI.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Disclosing Responsible Property Investing, Strategies and Performance. April 2010.

Third toolkit on Responsible Property Investment (RPI). Determining the content, preparing and disseminating the RPI report.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Responsible Property Investing: Metrics for Performance Measurement. March 2010.

Second toolkit on Responsible Property Investment. Designing, building and implementing a system of performance metrics.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Committing and Engaging. November 2009.

First toolkit on Responsible Property Investment (RPI). The value of RPI and managing a RPI strategy.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Owner Tenant Engagement in Responsible Property Investing. November 2009.

This report analysed interesting green practices of cooperation between owners and tenants, from policies monitored by eight property companies.


EuroACE. Making money work for buildings. September 2010.

Klinckenberg consultants conducted for The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings this study on financial and fiscal instruments. They analysed 16 European countries policies and 32 case studies. They highlighted the cost-effectiveness of policies and made several recommendations.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Responsible Property Investment: Similar Aims, Different Manifestions. March 2009.

Dealing with “responsible property investment”, this study explains, especially to equity funds managers, the similarities, but also the differences between their practice and direct investment in real estate.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Guide for Responsible Property Investing.2007.

A guide for investors and real estate owners to implement, in seven steps, a “responsible property investing” policy.


UNEP Finance Initiative. Building Responsible Property Portfolios. 2007.

This study specified six principles to incorporate environmental, social and governance issues into mainstream decision-making and ownership practices.