Editorial continued in English

Real estate in the city is now the main challenge of the climate change! Nevertheless, most of the property and construction industry players do not realize the importance of such a challenge, which will deeply change their usual working habits.

The aims of this blog, dedicated to Sustainable Real Estate, are to be a partner of the property and construction industry actors facing this new challenge and to make a link between them and the more recent papers produced by the scientific community.

The economic approach towards sustainable real estate will be highlighted. In the column on the left, in the “Téléchargements” item, documents by property and construction actors and researchers are classified in three categories: policies and markets, costs and profitability, finance. The item “Useful links” gives some important links in relationship to sustainable real estate. On the right, some activities are described: conferences, training and consultancy.

The blog is bilingual. The ambition is to contribute to a dialog between the French speaking community and the English speaking community about sustainable real estate.

The present version is a first step to be developed. Let us know your comments and  contributions !

Jean Carassus   Professor Ecole des Ponts ParisTech